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Custom Pet mug!

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Imagine how happy your darling furbaby will be to see their disembodied head on your mug! And you can be with them, even when they are off in another room, barfing in your bed, or eating your shoelaces. 

Hand made from white porcelain, featuring a hand painted portrait of your furbaby on one side, and their name on the other. The inside of the mug will be white. There will also be yellow stars randomly placed. 

Choose one of 5 bisqued mugs I have ready and waiting. They are all hand coiled and pinched by my little fingers, so they have charming dimples and they are all wonky and different from each other. Each one is unique, just like your pet! After you've completed your purchase, I'll contact you, so make sure your contact email is correct. Please prepare 2-3 high quality/well lit photos of your pet. One facing straight forward and then a few other angles. If the photos are blurry or poorly lit, you will not end up with a good likeness. I'll send ONE sketch for your approval with ONE opportunity to make slight corrections. Then I'll get painting! Due to the nature of the medium, I can't send the painted image to you for approval before firing. The colours change too much, and there is always an element of chaos. Please try to remember that even I don't quite know how it will turn out, so sometimes the colours might be slightly off (usually darker), but your grey cat won't turn into a blue cat or anything that extreme. Also please keep in mind that though I put a teaspoon in the pictures for some vague sense of scale, these mugs will shrink more in the last firing, so these pictures are not a completely accurate picture of scale.

CHAOS AND KILN GODS. Sometimes the kiln gods get angry, and pieces break, or crack or the glaze does something weird. If this happens and functionality is not impaired, I'll offer you a partial refund. If functionality IS impaired, you'll have the choice of taking it anyway with a partial refund, or getting a full refund, I'll keep the damaged mug, and you'll be first place in line for the next batch. Ceramics is a notoriously unpredictable gig, but I promise I'll do my best to ensure that your pieces survive their final firing. 

DUE TO COVID-19 I do not currently have access to a kiln. When the studio opens back up, I will have these fired right away, but I have no idea when that will be. I wish I could give you a solid timeline, but I just can't. If you are ordering these as a gift...well, just make sure it's not for a specific event.